Mission of Life, to Protect & Serve

On this episode of Following Jesus with Christ Church, pastors Andrew Vandermaas and Addison Hawkins talk with David Hopson. David and his family spent time as missionaries in Albania and Macedonia and upon their return to the states David has pursued a career in the police force. David, Andrew and Addison talk about their story, the ups and downs of 2020 and David's perspective as a police officer during this time. Stay tuned.

The End … Or is it?

We come to the end of Elisha’s life and the end of this prophetic era. But we find that like our continuing story of the grace the end is not the end, but the story goes on to a wonderful conclusion. Though the question remains, will we lay hold of the promises.

Reaping the Whirlwind

In 2 Kings 9&10 we see God execute the justice that is in his heart through Jehu. Though these chapters are bloody and in the end Jeu proves unfaithful we learn important things about our God who does not forget injustice done to his people nor does he let the guilty go unpunished.

Listening to Hear

The Sovereignty of God is again on display as God deals with his people and the kingdoms of this world. This is a sovereignty that calls all to bow before him as we see both his compassion and his judgment.

Let's Go To the House

God’s covenant children have responded in worship in the old covenant, the new covenant, and will in the new heavens and earth because of the security we have in Jesus.

Grace from Thin Air

The Word of the Lord once again is proved powerful both in judgement as well as in abundant grace. As Elisha interacts with kings, officials, servants and lepers we see the power of the word to change hearts and lives.

Surprised with Feasting

In 2 Kings 6:8-23 we see Elisha and his servant in what any of would consider a fearful situation. The servant responds as most of us would do, in fear, while Elisha shows us what it is like to live a life where our fears are met and transformed by an all powerful God!

As Elisha encounters the ordinary challenges of life with the sons of the prophets, we are reminded that not only is nothing too big for God, but also that nothing is too small. Along the way we are reminded of truths about God, Christ, and our lives that will help us be the resilient disciples God has made us to be.

The Laughter of Faith

God changes our laughter of unbelief into laughter of amazement and gratitude.

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