From Fear to Freedom

Our desperate need drives us to Jesus, who exposes that we are not quite desperate enough and gives us our hearts true desire.

Local Engagement - Global Transformation

Director of the Midwest Hub with Mission to the World, Dr. Tarantino speaks of how we are called to proclaim the message of hope.

Share the Gospel with Yourself

We are commanded by Jesus to share the gospel with others (i.e. we're all on mission), but in this passage, Paul shows us that in addition to sharing the gospel with others, we are also to share ourselves ('our souls'). Our fears, joys, ups and downs. We'll talk about what enables us to do that (not just the example of Jesus in his life and ministry, but also the power of the Spirit within us).

Missions Festival Week special guest John Chen looks at Psalm 103 and Beloved Ministry

Bigger and Better

A greater experience of the nature of God can lead to a better understanding of the story that He is writing in our lives.

Walking On

Depression Class 4

Depression Class 3

Waking the Walking Dead


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