On this episode Andrew & Addison chat with Jenny Pray, a P.A. in the Spectrum health system here in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Join us as we talk with Michael Bloem, member at Christ Church about statistics & anxiety through the COVID-19 time.

On this episode of Following Jesus with Christ Church, Andrew & Addison discuss work & the loss of work with Christ Church regular Dan Churchwell.

Jesus cleanses, heals and saves us. Our response is to come to Him and fall at His feet in worship. Many see this miraculous certainty as a story of thanksgiving but that is not the main point. It is a story about distance.

Addison talks with members and college students Jo & Jon Ellis. They reflect on what college looks like when community is striped away, worshiping together on a daily basis and how to love your neighbor through rapid changes.

On this episode Andrew, Addison and Susan talk about grieving the loss of corporate worship and embracing the challenge of home worship.

Andrew & Addison continue discussion about Following Jesus with Christ Church. On this episode we sit down with Bethany Slusher, mom, wife and member at Christ Church. Bethany shares about her family's experience through the changing rhythms, ways to love neighbors, how to shepherd kids as well as sources of inspiration and hope during these troubled times.

Christ Church amidst Cornoavirus

Andrew & Addison talk about Christ Church and the initial response to coronavirus & COVID-19.

Come, for the Feast is Spread

What is it like to come to Jesus? What is it like to be sent by Jesus? Who is it clear that Jesus is?

Theology of Disability

March term's "Theology of Disability" will run the next three weeks during the Adult Institute hour, exploring three different perspectives of the theology of disability.

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