Entrepreneurial Missions

Christians have always been involved in helping the poor through charity, giving, and service. No country ever became wealthy and self-sufficient through foreign assistance—public or private. In the long run, sustainable supplies of food, clean water, health, and education are created by local wealth-creating economies integrated into interdependent networks. Presentation by Dan Church, member and teacher for Acton Institute.

The Urban Mission of the Church

Jesus’ “seeing” helps us gain a new vision for our city so that we in turn may point people to Jesus.

Short Term Missions

What I learned about myself, my country, other cultures, and God’s work in the world from my short term missions experience. Panel Discussion moderated by Addison Hawkins

Beholding and Unfolding His Glory

Declare His glory among the nations!

How to Soar Through a Bad Year

Christmas Comes So Unexpected

Unexpected person, unexpected path, and unexpected provision

A Man with No Demons

The scene Jesus entered. The scene Jesus left. The scene that we enter into.

Bring your nothingness to God’s rich supply found in Christ who became nothing for you.