The Holy Spirit Shines a light on Jesus. The world will see the light and either hide from it or be lit by it. Those lit will shine the light on Jesus.

God In Us

In light of Jesus' departure, he promises the ever-present help of the Holy Spirit

Finding Your Way

The prescription for calming the troubled heart is: “Believe in God” or, specifically, believe that the Father has a place for you and believe that Jesus can get you there. As a result of believing, your heart will be calmed and you will do great works.

Power of Love

Confused Devotion, Clarified in Death, Commands Duplication

The Battle in the Night

The Battle in our midst, the battle in our hearts, the battle in His hands

Washed and Ready

What we Do, What we Believe, What we Know

Third Millenium Ministries

"We have a math problem. By 2050, Latin America will have 145 mil new Christians, Asia 243 mil more, and Africa 505 mil more. If each church of 100 has a pastor, we'll need about 9 mil new pastors by 2050. But, most can't go to seminary, seminary must come to them.”

The Reach of God's Grace

City to City Asia

"...our desire is to facilitate a church planting movement in the metropolitan Boston area and in major cities throughout the world." Presentation and discussion led by Dr. Stephen Um, Senior Pastor, City Life Church, Boston, associate director of the City to City project out of Redeemer Church, NYC and author of The Kingdom of God, Why Cities Matter.

The Object of Our Faith

The object of our faith who is faithful to his promise for the growth of the global church.