As Elisha encounters the ordinary challenges of life with the sons of the prophets, we are reminded that not only is nothing too big for God, but also that nothing is too small. Along the way we are reminded of truths about God, Christ, and our lives that will help us be the resilient disciples God has made us to be.

The Laughter of Faith

God changes our laughter of unbelief into laughter of amazement and gratitude.

A Needy Congregation

In 2 Kings 4 we meet a broad spectrum of God’s people dealing with a broad spectrum of needs. Yet through Elisha we meet one God who consistently meets the needs of His people, even at great cost to Himself.

On this episode of Following Jesus with Christ Church, pastors Andrew Vandermaas and Addison Hawkins talk with the Regional Director for Campus Outreach West Michigan. During this episode we learn about the heart of Campus Outreach and their desire to see the gospel of grace through Jesus Christ reach thousands of young lives during their college years.

We Three Kings

In 2 Kings 3 we are reminded that “wicked people" can do good things and “good people” make unwise choices. In the end we are dependent on the blessing of the Lord who once again shows that his grace is better than anything this life has to offer and is greater than we can imagine.

Told You So

As Elisha begins his prophetic ministry we see the potency of the word of the Lord through him to both bless and to curse. As we seek to live our lives before the Lord we are invited to see the one who is greater than Elisha that has come to endure the curse of God in order that we might know His lavish blessing.

Behold... Unity

Living together in unity as the body of Christ.

Double Portion

Followers of Jesus find strength throughout their Journey reminding us to keep our eyes fixed on Him.

A Frightening Fugue

In I Kings 22:51 - 2 Kings 1:18, Ahab fades from our story but Elijah is called into confrontation with Ahab’s son, Ahaziah. Unfortunately Ahaziah “walks in the ways of his father and mother” and discovers the emptiness of pursuing a life apart from YHWH.  But YHWH is patient and continues to pursue a people, even when they seem determined to walk away from him.

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