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Work, the Loss of Work & Finding our Rhythms


Series: Following Jesus with Christ Church

Category: podcast

Speaker: Andrew VanderMaas

On this episode of Following Jesus with Christ Church, Andrew & Addison discuss work & the loss of work with Christ Church regular Dan Churchwell. During this unprecedented time all of us are impacted, or will be impacted by the rapidly changing economy. Some of us have already experienced job loss, financial strains, the loss of a 401k or other retirement packages or some other stress during COVID-19. How do we acknowledge the real loss yet also still follow Jesus? How do we go about our days when they look radically different than from just over a week ago? What gospel truths can we hang on to through these days? Join us as we discuss these questions and ideas today on the Following Jesus with Christ Church podcast.

Special thanks to Dan Churchwell for being our guest today. If you would like to read the C.S. Lewis paper Dan referred to check it out under the resource tab on our Staying Connected Through COVID-19 page. For more resources on faith, work and economics you can check out our January Series from 2019 titled "Walking Worthy of our Calling" on our resources page or check out Acton Institute.

Special thanks to Joel Klamer for making our theme music & Kimberly Visser for putting together our artwork for this podcast.