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Racial Explosions


Series: Following Jesus

Category: podcast

Speaker: Andrew VanderMaas

On this episode of Following Jesus with Christ Church, pastors Andrew Vandermaas and Addison Hawkins discuss the recent events that have sparked some racial tensions. Join us as we dialogue about the pain that is there, the gospel invitation and some resources to aid us in our journey of listening and learning.

Christ Church has to contemplate how it enters into this narrative and story. We can not sit on the sidelines during such a time as this. So what do we do? We begin by lamenting and praying, two actions we will continue to do as long as it is warranted. But what next? Many of you have asked a similar question, what should/will the church do? Lets explore this together and seek out the Lord as we enter into this narrative.

Below you will find a list of resources Andrew & Addison compiled. Each of these resources has a strength. There is not one, except the Bible, great resource for this issue (or any other issue.) We recommend that you take a few of these and spend some time working through them. It's always better to read with others, consider starting a reading/listening/watching club with some of these resources. This is just a snippet, not exhaustive list of resources for your consideration.

Sermons & Podcasts:

Shorter Reads/Articles & Papers:

Longer Reads:

Movies & Documentaries:

There are many more resources out there, this is just a sample of some to help guide you through this time.

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