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Following Jesus into the Medical Room


Series: Following Jesus

Category: podcast

Speaker: Andrew VanderMaas

On this episode Andrew & Addison chat with Jenny Pray, a P.A. in the Spectrum health system here in Grand Rapids Michigan. Jenny has been a member at Christ Church for over five years and resides in Ada Michigan with her husband and 2 year old son. She currently works in Colorectal Surgery in the Spectrum Health system.

Andrew & Addison discuss with Jenny her response to what the hospital system has to COVID-19 and what she is experiencing in her day to day. As well as some ways in which hospital systems in Grand Rapids are preparing for a spike in patients over the coming 3-4 weeks and what its like to follow Jesus during this time. 

Jenny is not an official spokesperson for Spectrum Health system. What she talks about come directly from her experiences working inside the health system in Grand Rapids Michigan.

As was mentioned during the podcast if you would like to donate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the health care system there are avenues for doing that. For more information through Spectrum you can click here, or you can try calling the human resources department for your local clinics, inpatient and outpatient facilities. If you need more information please email us at Christ Church and we will happily direct you as we can.

Thanks as always to those who have helped us put together this podcast. Grace & Peace.