Faithfully Working

A Faith & Work Ministry

As God's image bearers all good work—not just ministerial, missionary, medical, voluntary or non-profit work—matters to God. Not only that, but work is crucial in God's redemptive plan for us, for Grand Rapids and for His world. Faithfully Working  exists to bridge the gap between faith and work by providing opportunities for God's people to learn about God's vision for work and apply it to their vocations through:

  • Equipping individuals to consider how their callings bring about renewal within their spheres of influence.
  • Connecting people across industries, companies and callings to develop an expanded picture of what it means to work faithfully.
  • Mobilizing all of God's image bearers to live as agents of redemption for the flourishing of Grand Rapids, West Michigan and beyond.

FORUMS to engage


Designed to help God's people engage with one another, support each other in our callings and prayerfully consider how God is challenging and equipping us in our own industries, companies and callings.


Engage with authors and theologians who contemplate, study and write on the various topics involved in Faith & Work.  Throughout the year we pick, plan and participate in discussions around various books.


We want you to explore God’s leading in your life through various co-horts, conferences and events that we have hand picked. We realize we can’t and shouldn’t be the only equippers, so we want to connect you with some of the best. 


A place to highlight our discussions, talks and content but to also provide a monthly thought companion you can take with you wherever your phone, computer or internet connection allows. You can find our Faithfully Working Podcast here  or on any of your favorite podcast apps.  

Upcoming Events