Worship in the parking lot

As we continue to navigate worship during this time when gathering together in previous ways is unwarranted, we want to offer our “worship in the parking lot,” along with the home worship guide, as ways that are eminently safe, respectful of our governing authorities and communities, and as aids for the church “scattered” to wholeheartedly worship our great Lord. Wherever the Lord leads you to engage the worship of Him this Lord’s Day, know that you are warmly welcomed by the King of kings. 

Frequently asked questions

What time are the services?
First service will begin at 9:00am. Please arrive early so we can have everyone in place by 9. Second service will begin at 10:30. Please arrive early, but not before 10:15.

Will we be having these services every week until we return to the sanctuary? 
The elders have decided we will continue to offer this option while we are sheltering in place and will re-evaluate worship options as restrictions are lifted.

How long will the services last? 
Our services will be streamlined and not exceed one hour. This will help with entering and exiting.

Will there be restrooms available? Will the building be open? 
The building will be open to allow access to the bathrooms if needed.

Will we receive bulletins? 
Please come prepared by either printing out the .pdf of the bulletin or plan to use your device to go through the liturgy.

Will an offering be taken? 
No, not at this point. Please continue to mail in your offering or use on line giving.

How will I know where to park? 
Parking attendants will help direct you to the place they would like for you to park so they can position all the cars for sight, sound, exit, etc.

Should I use one entrance into the lot over the other? 
Yes, please use Breton Rd as your entrance and the parking attendants will help you move to Woodmeadow for your exit.

How will we hear the preacher? 
We have acquired a radio transmitter so you will be able to use the speakers in your car. Dial in 90.1 to hear.

Should I leave my car running or shut it off? 
Will running the radio drain my car battery? The decision to leave your car running or not is yours. A typical car battery holds 60 amps of power and a typical car battery drains 5 amps an hour. It will normally take a while to drain a battery with the engine off.

Are there any other things we should know? 
If at any point during the service you need to leave, just start your vehicle and go. Go west from your parking space then around to the south exit onto Woodmeadow Drive.

Please continue to maintain social distancing; feel free to roll your car windows down in order to hear others around you as we worship. We will be there rain or shine! (But we are praying for shine …)