About Us

Like all evangelical churches, Christ Church is a family of faith, devoted to a sovereign and gracious God. We seek to express our devotion through careful and humble worship, through consistent commitment to our Christian brothers and sisters in the family of faith, and through concerted efforts to be witnesses and servants in our community.

So what makes us different from the other evangelical churches in our community? 

Or to ask it another way, what are the points of emphasis one could expect to encounter at Christ Church?

Determined Pursuit of the Gospel

Through preaching and teaching, along with vigorous communal application, we seek to understand and appropriate the promises of the Gospel in Christ.   It is Christ’s finished work, not our own righteousness, that sets us free to love God, fellow believers and the world we live in.  Our desire is to know and grow more! 

Diverse Gospel-Centered Worship

Each week we participate in a lively, Gospel-shaped service that reminds us of our call in Christ, cleansing from sin, and consecration to His service.  Each service is highlighted by a variety of forms and musical styles.  This diversity in worship is truly one of Christ Church’s most treasured distinctives and a means by which each member submits their own preferences for the sake of a full-orbed expression of worship to God and an act of love for another.

Intergenerational Discipleship/Care 

Christ Church is a remarkably equal blend of young and old.  It is our desire to see the generations encourage, equip and inspire one another in pursuit of the Gospel.   While there are age specific ministries, many aspects of church life is positioned to promote this intergenerational interaction such as communal meals, small groups, coffee houses, retreats, etc…

Intersection of Faith and Life

As we appropriate the Gospel truths, we strive to make application to particulars of our lives.   We know that it is the Gospel that makes the difference in our homes, our neighborhoods, our work places, and ultimately the broader world.   Equipped and enabled by these Gospel truths we seek to bring Christ to the world.


Christ Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), an evangelical and Reformed denomination which subscribes to the Westminster Standards.