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Return of the Cloak

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A couple of weeks ago we looked at the call of Elisha in 1 Kings 19. We noted then that the cloak of Elijah became the sign of God’s call on Elisha’s life. That same cloak makes its reappearance in our section for this week II Kings 2:1-18. Here we literally see the transition between Elijah and Elisha take place and are reminded that not only does God always maintain a witness in the world, but that he provides for them everything that they need to carry out their calling.

I was thinking of this in the midst of my own sadness of hearing Tim Keller’s announcement that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In so many ways Dr. Keller has been a mentor from afar for me, both in his clear Gospel centered teaching and through the humility and grace with which he has carried the mantle that God has given him. When one recognizes the mortality of such men, one can almost get a little panicky, “Who will carry the ball forward?” This chapter reminds us, for every Elijah there is an Elisha, for every Moses, a Joshua, for every Lewis, a Keller. God will carry his plans forward and is pleased to use his servants along the way, each one uniquely equipped for their time and place.

Staying with Dr. Keller, I am grateful for the work that he and the rest of a very good PCA committee did on the much anticipated and much needed report on Human Sexuality. This report is both Biblically and theologically precise, while at the same time pastorally full of grace and wisdom. With a little effort, it is accessible to all and may very well be the best 30ish minutes that you spend reflecting on some of these issues. As with the totality of our current cultural moment, we find ourselves desperately in need of God’s truth and grace for dealing with the very personal and thorny questions pertaining to how sexuality is played out. While these struggles hit close to home and at times seemingly take the wind out of our spiritual sails, I have so much hope that God’s word truly points the way forward.


Photo by Carlos Leret on Unsplash