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Change of Seasons

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One of the good things about living in Michigan is the change of seasons. We have the privilege of enjoying winter’s wonderland of snow, spring’s appearance of new life, summer’s warmth of lazy days, and fall’s display of color. Year after year the seasons come and the seasons go, and I find myself enjoying all of them because I see God’s handiwork in each. 
Of course there are seasons in our lives as well - seasons of schooling, career, perhaps marriage, maybe raising children, being grandparents, retirement - and in each of these God’s hand is at work. My prayer is that God would help me learn to enjoy each season in life He brings as well.
One of those seasons is happening in my life and in the life of our church. After much discussion and prayer, I have decided to step down as the Director of Youth Ministry. Over the past couple of years Leah and I have had discussions about whether we should continue on in ministry or pursue something else. In those discussions and times of prayer we did not sense God leading us, or calling us, to something else, either in ministry or to some other work. However, in the last month or so we have come to realize that, though God is not calling us to something, He is leading us away from ministry. 

We (and I use "we" because Leah is just as much a part of this ministry as me) are weary. We have been in full time ministry for 24 of our 25 years of marriage, with 20 of those years at Christ Church. They have been good years filled with wonderful relationships, rich expressions of God's grace, challenges that have grown us, and fabulous memories. We step down with full hearts.

As we have walked with Christ Church, and particularly with the youth of this church through the most recent season of growth and change, we acknowledge that someone with fresh energy and new ideas will be a blessing to the growing youth ministry. May these dear young people continue to flourish and be blessed under the youth ministry of Christ Church; may it be that they would know God, understand His love, and enjoy fellowship in community.
In this next season of life in terms of a job, I trust the Lord will guide me. Your prayers are appreciated as I take this next step. There are no plans to move or even to leave Christ Church. Leah and I, along with our children, are richly blessed to be part of this great community. We have seen how God has cared for this church in many of its seasons, and we are confident that He will continue to do so for He lavishly loves His people, and His purposes are for our good. 

Posted by Scott Gritter