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Catching Young Women and Men with the Gospel

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"College is where people figure out who they want to be. I want to be there with the gospel." - CO campus staffer

This week a group of our pastors and elders traveled to Grace PCA in Peoria, IL to meet with pastors, elders, Campus Outreach staffers, and graduates to take some final steps to learn more about the ministry culture and operation of Campus Outreach that will in a matter of weeks officially transfer "ownership" to Christ Church. 

By way of reminder, Kenny Hayes, as the regional director of the newly planted Campus Outreach West MI, has moved to Kalamazoo and begun work at Western MI University. While they are beginning in Kalamazoo, CO West MI will be a direct ministry of Christ Church. It will be overseen by the session. CO staff will be employees of CC. The ministry will be shaped by our values and culture. Graduates will be encouraged to settle in West MI and continue the mission of the Kingdom through our churches.

Despite the challenges of COVID, Kenny, along with the team he is assembling, has made progress towards their mission of "building laborers on the campus for the lost world." This is a ministry that changes lives of college students caught in the deceit of the world. This is a ministry that disciples young women and men to not only grow in their faith but to share it with others. This is a ministry that helps people transition from the cocoon of college to life out in the Church and in the world.

It was so encouraging to hear in Peoria the testimonies of God's grace to change lives. It was so encouraging to hear several of the Grace PCA elders attest to their belief that adopting Campus Outreach Central Illinois was the best decision that they made for their church. This week, as we look through the lens of Psalm 119:9 where the psalmist asks, "How can a young man keep his way pure?", it is so encouraging to know that the men and women of CO are pursuing answers to this question with a generation of college students, and we are being invited into this journey.

I know it feels a little distant yet as the ministry is starting in Kalamazoo (be patient, it will be in GR soon enough), but by God's grace this is our ministry. Let's pray for God's grace to penetrate the lives of students and for grace to be multiplied!