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A Blazing Truth

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Some of you may have seen the recent post from a Twitter account run by Atheists. In this particular post they were trying to make light of the claims of Christianity, but the effect is quite the opposite. Here is their Tweet:

CHRISTIANITY: Belief that one God created a universe 13.79 billion yrs old, 93 billion light yrs in diameter (1 light yr = approx. 6 trillion miles), consisting of over 200 billion galaxies, each containing ave. of 200 billion stars, only to have a personal relationship with you.

Putting aside the specifics of the science, this claim is absolutely spot on, and precisely the reason why the Gospel is so amazing! This immense universe, created by an all-powerful God, who far from being an absentee landlord, enters his own creation in order to initiate a relationship with his creatures…truly humbling, awesome.

This is exactly what we have been encountering throughout the book of Luke. Here we see this God with power over every molecule of the universe, entering in and engaging with his creatures with an overflowing fountain of grace. This week we will encounter yet another incidence of this in Luke 8:40-56 as we come alongside of Jesus' interactions with an ostracized woman and a temple leader. In both interactions he demonstrates that his power is precisely positioned to draw people in. As we enter this Lenten season through both our study of the Word and the weekly communion at the table of our Lord, may we too be drawn into this relationship for which he died.

Photo by Mark de Jong on Unsplash