Staying Connected


Though social distancing may keep us from gathering as a body, let us be reminded that there is no distance between our God and us as His people. As a church we will do our best to provide you with resources to aid us in our pursuit of Him.


Home Worship Guide

As we are not able to gather as a body we are providing materials to help you worship on Sundays.  You are the readers and pray-ers and singers and song leaders.  The recorded greeting, teaching and offertory are part of the service also.  When you worship God through singing, many of you will not need the audio links provided—just use the actual music to play the piano, guitar, recorder or sing a capella and skip the audio song links.  But if it would be helpful the audio links are there for you to sing along with or just for listening.  Use these materials as will best help you!

Art by Sevi Thielman


Share your prayer requests, and physical & spiritual needs
so we can support and love each other.

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