College Age

Community in an age of transition

We live in day and age where things once expected of 18 to “20-somethings” are exponentially more challenging—mapping out the perfect four-year college plan, finding a job and launching a career, staying active amidst restrictions, making a home out of a new city, navigating the fun and responsibility of adult independence, thinking about my role in this pivotal moment of our changing culture, the list goes on.

The Bible tells us that we were made to live in community, and here at ChristChurch we believe that the community of faith is vital to all walks of life—especially during these years of transition.

Come and join us as we explore the unchanging truths of Scripture and how God calls us to engage in our world today.

Bible Studies 

Men’s  Ephesians Study

Sunday evenings, 7:30 at church (socially distant)
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Women’s Psalms Study

Sunday evenings, 7:30 at church (socially distant)
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